Hi, my name is Bree Cahill and I am the owner of Wild Heart Horses. My purpose in life came to me in two ways though despite the signs being there, it took me a number of years to connect the two together and come out with Wild Heart Horses.


I was gifted with ability to intuitively guide others on their path, helping them to connect to that which is all around us, seek and find their own purpose, realign their values and live with integrity and authenticity. I have been able to date work successfully with a varying range of people from one on one clients seeking to develop their connection to themselves and their inner guidance through spiritual awareness, youth at risk, ex- prisoners, the incarcerated, women and men suffering from domestic violence, celebrities and musicians. I have also led corporate team building days for companies, small business and government bodies as well as worked with smaller communities to engage community spirit. 

My experience also includes being able to help myself through my own life challenges. My life has been colourful. I have had many experiences that at the time could have turned out to be very different had my own connection to self not been as strong. I could have taken these experiences and allowed them to control my future however instead I have allowed them to develop me into the person I am today and strengthen my ability to be able to help others to gain the most out of their own lives. On my program as I am called to, I share parts of these experiences so that my clients are better able to understand the very reason why I am so dedicated to this journey.  I am able to connect to people from all walks of life and hold space for them to grow and develop along their path, for as long as I am required. 

Interestingly as a child one of my challenges that I would later have to overcome, was an innate fear of horses. I was drawn to them, yet terrified of them at the exact same time. The inclination to be close to them would one day win and the fear, despite ever present over time slowly diminished as I threw myself head on into the agricultural world working as a Jillaroo, attending Longreach Ag College as a horse student and eventually starting my own equine training business. 

One day, whilst working with a client and her horse, the penny dropped and the dots connected. I realised that through the horse I could see the human and that in fact the horse was not the one in need of my assistance. It was then that I began helping people overcome their inner most challenges and heal their traumas from the past through the help of horses. 

Now I offer this as a service, not a business but instead a service to humanity. I truly believe- show me the horse and I will tell you about the human. My ability to connect horse and human has to date been monumental in the shifting of lives, teams and futures for the better. 

Today I work with the Australian Brumby. The Wild Horse of our beautiful country who's ability to assess and mirror a human is truly second to none. For they are of the wild at heart. A wildness that can not truly ever be tamed. They are the most honest and raw of the equine breed and will without doubt challenge and reward you within one encounter. The Brumby can not be blindsided, they work with you and not for you and only with those that are working with them. They will teach you more about yourself then any other creature on earth. 

I am proud to bring to you my herd of Brumbies, the horses who's wildness saved me and shaped me so I could in turn pass this onto you. We look forward to passionately and purposefully helping you to achieve, connect and divinely inspire others.  

                         Equine Facilitated Learning                                          Results Coach/ Intuitive Mentor